Couple therapy in Barcelona and online

Are you willing to stop suffering for your couple relationship?

 If you don't know what else you can try in order to unblock the situation and you feel you can't understand each other, couple therapy can help you find the solutions you are looking for. 

 My name is Patricia Maguet, clinical psychologist specialized in couple relationships. I work for real couples like yours who look for support in order to communicate and understand each other, to enjoy their relationship again and to feel better

Patricia Maguet Levy

If you arrived here, maybe you feel that...

  • When you argue, you often lose control and you don't achieve anything. You realize that you have communication issues and you are getting increasingly distant. You are afraid that the family can shatter. 
  • Resentment and unresolved anger and pain are installed in your relationship and you are not able to let go episodes of your life together that appear again when you least expect it.
  • You believed that, letting the time go by things would go back to normal but you see that your relationship is at a standstill and it is even getting worse. 
  • Your sexual life is not satisfactory and it seems like it's not going to change.
  • The relationship with your in-laws is not good at all and this is unpleasant for you partner, it's impossible for you  to find an agreement
  • You are sure about what your son or daughter needs but your partner has a different opinion. In the meantime your kids ara not fine and you don't know what you can do
  • The atmosphere at home gets unbreathable and you would often prefer to stay at work. You deeply miss those moments when you enjoyed each other's company and you were happy......

If you identify yourself with these situations, you are in the right place. Here you will find solutions that work

How do I know if we need Marriage Counseling?

In order to know when it’s about time to require couple therapy, you can orient yourself by other situations in you daily life when you turn to someone from outside for support. There are three assumptions when I suggest you to start a therapy for couples

  • When you have problems in your couple relationship even though you have been trying to fix them in different ways, but you are not able to make it yourselves. It’s clear for you that you want to keep staying together but you feel stuck, in a dead-end street. This is a good moment to ask for help.
  • If you are not sure if you want to keep staying together or you want to split up,  the marriage counseling can help you to analyze calmly your situation. The intervention of a professional can help you to talk about all the issues you can’t face at home, and to evaluate if you are truly willing to make changes and bet on your relationship. 
  • Lastly, the couples therapy can also help you to get separated if you are not able to make the decision even though it’s evident for you that you are in a relationship with no future and that is hurting you.

This is what I offer you if you work with me...

You will find a cozy place where you can express what happens to you, how you feel and what you need with no fear of being judged, criticized or attacked.

You will start to realize that there are different ways to approach what is happening to you which will shed light on your difficulties, and which will help you find out where you can find the exit.

Very soon you will notice little changes which will provide the home’s atmosphere with calmness and serenity and which will allow you to make decisions more peacefully and quietly

This is the right time to start your couple therapy.

Remember that 80% of people who start this kind of marriage therapy improve comparing with the ones who don't ask for help. 

My method of Marriage Counseling is different

The therapy for couples usually restricted itself to the in-person sessions with the psychologist. I know that you need to change things as soon as possible because staying in a limiting situation makes you feel bad and it doesn’t let you enjoying your life. I also know that between a session and the next one you can make progress if I orient you and I offer you the material and the information you need.

This is the reason why I created my own method of oriented to solutions Marriage Couseling,  that will help you to stop suffering, facing the problems you have, from different sides.

With me the Therapy has a beginning and an end and from the start we will establish the sessions’ planning so you can get organized in a better way.

The sessions are two week-long and both of you two will take part to the visits, which don’t last one hour but one hour and a half. So you will not have the feeling that you could not go forward.

The therapy is intensive and shorter than it is in other places. The results come so fast because I know you need changing things as soon as possible and I don’t want your pain lasts more than necessary.  

With my method, you will find the necessary tools to get away of the critical situation, standstill, tension, definitely pain, that you are living for a while.

>>> Find out here all the details about my method >>

Maybe you are asking yourself some of these questions...

What is the therapy for couples?

The therapy for couples is a kind of therapy that the specialist psychologist can practice, with the main aim of solving the difficulties you are facing in your couple relationship.

When it's necessary to seek couples therapy?

Anytime you feel blocked and you want to go forward, the support of a psychologist who is specialized in couples, can be key. Maybe you have a temporary problem or maybe you are facing a critical situation for a while. According to my experience, I know that as soon you start up as fast you can get rid of the hard times and take back your well-being.

For whom is the couples therapy?

I work with heterosexual couples as well as with homosexual couples. I look after multicultural couples, couples with a big age gap, re-built couples who live or not with sons/daghter from former relationships, couples with long-distance relationships....  If what concerns you is your couple relationship and what you can do in order to make it stop being a source of pain, then you can work with me.

What do we do during the sessions?

For sure you have seen, more han once, some images of a psychological therapy in movies or in TV fiction. I don’t use a divan and my first goal is getting to know you more deeply.  This is why we will talk about what mostly makes you feel worried at this time and about how you have made the decision of searching for help. It will also be very important to find out what you have been trying so far in order to solve your differences with the aim of clarifying what did not work properly. With all this information we will be able to understand what is going on and we can start to seek new ways to face it.

What is the therapy useful for?

The most ambitious objective of the couples therapy is helping you to hatch trust between one another. This trust you probably gave each other in other periods of the relationship. The trust that will make you feel that your relationship is strong, that you are friends again and that you can enjoy your sexual intimacy.  This trust that allows you to know you rely on one another, and you have a mutual unconditional support. Definitely the point is being able to overcome the troubled phases to enjoy a healthier and happier relationship.  

What's up if my partner doesn't want to come?

It is something usual that one of the two is more convinced than the other one about the need of seeking professional support. I am aware that you build together your couple relationship and if both of you take part with common goals, it will be easier that you can make progress.

Anyway this doesn’t mean that only one is not able to trigger changes so, if your partner doesn’t want to come, don’t worry about that and start youself

The most important point is do not letting go your concerns and start up to build the relationship you need.

How many sessions are necessary?

It is something usual that one of the two is more convinced than the other one about the need of seeking professional support. I am aware that you build together your couple relationship and if both of you take part with common goals, it will be easier that you can make progress.

Anyway this doesn’t mean that only one is not able to trigger changes so, if your partner doesn’t want to come, don’t worry about that and start youself

The most important point is do not letting go your concerns and start up to build the relationship you need.

Is the marriage counseling truly useful?

The several investigations we looked up, indicate to us that 80% of the couples who attend, are able to improve their level of satisfaction in their couple relationship, therefore the answer is yes.

>>> Find more answers in our FAQ page by clicking here >>>

Do you want to meet me before you decide?

I offer you a first free visit so you can meet me in person. You will be able to explain me what is happening to you in order to evaluate if my method can help you and I will give you more details about how it works and I will be able to solve all your doubts which you feel like setting out to me.

If you tried many things and you don’t go forward, if you thought time could fix everything and you are realizing that it doesn’t, if you feel it’s time to ask for help, don’t think about it anymore. The best time to start giving a turn to your relationship is now.

In my more than 20 years of professional experience, I accompanied hundreds of couples and I can tell you that the 80% of the people who work with me, in a short period of time, feel happier and more satisfied with their relationship

What will you achieve with the couples therapy?

  • Learn to communicate, listen and understand one another.
  • Leave the neverending stressing and little productive discussions behind.
  • Improve your empathy so you can put yourself in each other’s place.
  • Being able to bury the past  for good and leave rencor and resentment behind.
  • Being able to solve the conflicts, negotiate and find agreements which are suitable for both of you.
  • Take back your friendship and the positive connection between you.
  • Enjoy your privacy and your sexual life again.
  • Recover the serenity, the happiness and the well-being.

More than 500 people trusted me, these are their testimonies... 

First of all, I want to thank you, Patricia, for your comprehension all the time, fact that, although it’s included in your task as a professional, it personally made me feel very comfortable and tucked in constantly, sharing with you very intimate and personal situations, feelings and experiences. I had never done it before with anybody and I think it has been very helpful.

I underline as positive in this therapy, first of all the fact that both of us have bet and started together this task and giving hope to that. The truth is that, except one or two sessions, we always got out of them stronger and even though we faced delicate matters, we went out together and speaking about the subjects in a very positive way.


Luca is a dedicated professional with sound and thorough knowledge of his profession. Luca is not only trustworthy, qualified and detailed in his work, but has an intrinsic understanding of the psychology of children, learning disabilities, cross cultural interaction, and social interaction and integration. He also possesses the ability to uniquely individualize approaches utilized to meet the needs of specific students/individuals and situations.

Anne , Jefe de Comunicación de la Escuela Internacional de Singapur

We came because of a very deep couple’s crisis. The needs were high and the expectations, high parts and low parts, but I have been able to learn, listen and comprehend. With no doubts it changed my concept of this kind of therapies. Of course, you seemed to me a great professional. The ability for seeing the situation from a not planned point of view and the conclusions/reflections of the reasons of these situations. Provide with impartiality at the same time as professionality has been key in my case. Reviewing all that my therapy has been, I have felt very comfortable with everything: list of topics, “homeworks”, development of the therapy, possibility of adapting the time schedule, etc. My best congratulations, Patricia!


Our problem was that the status of the relationship did not make progress. I searched for help to comprehend why I could not connect with my partner. I learned that my husband could not feel, do, act, how I wanted. I learned to communicate about the subjects with no resentment. It has been really good. THANKS.


After my first son’s birth my partner started trembling. I did not know if I had to split up or not. I have been able to learn that when one changes the attitude, the attitude of the partner can also change....but in a good way! I like your positive and fixer focus, that nothing is black or white.


Patricia, Ángel and I feel that now we comprehend each other much more deeply and we are on the right way. Earlier we couldn’t even talk but now... If some new conflicts raise up, we would start the therapy with you again. We are thankful for your work and we send you a big hug.


I consulted you because I felt that my relationship was walking on thin ice and I wanted to struggle in order to put my trust in ourselves again. To be honest, I believed that most likely after the sessions we ended up getting separated although friendly. The point was breaking up or renewing many of the habits we had installed and which we did not talk about from the bottom of our hearts. I have been able to appreciate the effort we make both of us to keep being together. I learned how to put in the person I love’s shoes and with whom I share my days. I recommend it with no doubts.

I like your way of approaching the things which unbalance the couple. Your ability of playing down everything in order to solve it. Your way of listening and of smiling, even of getting moved with our domestic problems. Ah! The emails you send are also very helpful.


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